Access files via SFTP


  • SFTP Server extension installed on the Hypersocket server
  • A File System resource has been set up


Accessing your files using an SFTP client

Once you have set up your file resources, one method of access can be via SFTP (which uses the SSH protocol and port).

For this example we will use the FileZilla client on Windows.

Launch the FileZilla client and click on the Site Manager icon.


Click on New Site and give it a name, in this case MFT SFTP access.


Type in the hostname or IP address in the Host box. Change the Protocol to SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol. Change the Logon Type to Normal, then type in the username and password for the MFT server.

Click Connect.


The client now connects as that user and you can drag and drop and edit your files just as with a normal file server.


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