Accessing your files using WebDAV

This article shows how to access File Systems using the WebDAV protocol. 


  • WebDAV extension installed on the Hypersocket server
  • A file System resource has been set up


Option 1: Using Windows Explorer

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to This PC or My Computer. Right click and choose Add a network location.

Click Next, then Choose a custom network location and click Next.



Enter the webDAV URL for your share, which will be in the format: https://<yourhypersocketserver>/hypersocket/fs/<your filesystem resource name>. Here we have a share called CompanyShare that we will connect to. Click Next.

You will be prompted for authentication, enter your user credentials here.

The last setup page will ask for a name for this location, enter any memorable name for this resource. Click next, then finish.



 The resource should then open up as a normal looking file system.



Option 2: Using an external WebDAV client

You can connect using an external WebDAV client such as Cyberduck.

Launch Cyberduck and click Open Connection. Set the protocol to WebDAV (HTTP/SSL). Enter the server hostname, username, password and set the path to hypersocket/fs/<resourcename> and click Connect.


You are now connected to the file share.



Option 3: Mapping a drive from the command line

See this article.


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