Creating and Managing Local Database Users


This article will show how to create users in the Hypersocket built-in user database, and how to manage these users after they have been created.


Step 1: Creating a new user account

User Accounts can be viewed from the Access Control > Users page. To add a new user to the built-in database select the Create option.

The minimum requirements for a user account are the username, full name and password. Contact details and group settings can be set optionally.

Step 2: Actions for managing user accounts

To access the user management actions select the Actions  option, this will display the options that can be selected, These options can vary based on the Extensions that have been added to the system.

Set Password – Allows the current user to set a new password for the user account.

Impersonate – Allows use of the system as if you were that user, allowing yo to see what they see when logged in.

Set PIN – This is displayed when the PIN Authentication module is enabled. Set a value for the PIN authentication for the user.


Selecting the Edit  option will reopen the user details section, this will not provide the same Fullname, contact details and Group options, Password is no longer available in this view.

And the Delete  icon will allow the user to be deleted and removed from the database.

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