Client shows resources but cannot launch any

We've discovered a rare problem that can occur with the Hypersocket Client.

This has only been seen once and on a Windows 8 64 bit system.


The problem is that the user can launch the Hypersocket Client okay and is able to log on to the server and see what resources are available.

However, the user is not able to launch any of the resources.

In the service hypersocket.log file, there are the following errors:

07 Oct 2016 09:29:21,770 [Timer-1] INFO CommandExecutor - Executing command: C:\windows\System32\sc.exe start ip_redirect_driver
07 Oct 2016 09:29:21,792 [Timer-1] ERROR NetworkResourcesPlugin - Failed to start local forwarding
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Could not install redirect driver exitCode=193
at com.hypersocket.client.hosts.WindowsSocketRedirector.startService(
at com.hypersocket.client.hosts.WindowsSocketRedirector.<init>(
at com.hypersocket.client.hosts.AbstractSocketRedirector.getSystemRedirector(
at com.hypersocket.client.service.vpn.VPNServiceImpl.setupLocalForwarding(
at com.hypersocket.client.service.vpn.VPNServiceImpl.startLocalForwarding(
at com.hypersocket.client.service.AbstractServicePlugin.startResources(
at com.hypersocket.client.service.AbstractServicePlugin.start(
at com.hypersocket.client.service.ClientServiceImpl.startPlugins(
at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Unknown Source)
at Source)


The problem was relating to an old version of ip_redirect.sys driver that was not getting updated.

The resolution was to delete this file from c:\windows\system32\drivers, then uninstall the client, delete the remaining c:\program files\hypersocket folder. Then restart and reinstall the client again.

When testing this myself, it took several attempts before the driver reinstalled itself again, so am creating this kb article as internal only for support reference.


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