Uploading a Certificate and Private Key


This article is for administrators that already have an SSL certificate and corresponding private key that they wish to use with their Hypersocket product. 


Step 1. Navigate to Certificate Management

The first step is to login to your Hypersocket product and navigate to the Certificate Management table. Your SSL certificate is located within the System realm.



Step 2. Choose your Upload Format

There are a couple of upload formats available. You can upload an SSL certificate and private key in either PEM (multiple files) or a PFX (single file) format. Both have similar dialogs where you select the file(s) to upload and can optionally enter a passphrase for the protected file.

Locate the Default SSL Certificate entry and click on the actions icon to reveal the upload options.


Step 3. Upload Files

After selecting Upload PEM or Upload PFX you will be presented with a dialog for you to select the files and enter the files passphrase.

Uploading a set of PEM files..

Uploading a PFX file..

Once you have completed the dialog, click on the Upload button to complete.


Step 4. Restart the Server

Once you files have uploaded you can restart the server to put your certificate and key in place. 



In this article we have shown you how to upload your existing SSL certificate and private key to install it in your Hypersocket product.


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