Obtaining a Trusted SSL Certificate


This article will show you how to remove browser warnings about untrusted certificates when using Hypersocket based products. You may see warnings like the images below when connecting to your Hypersocket product.

Follow the instructions in this article to install a trusted certificate in your server. You may be required to make a purchase using a third party certificate authority in order to complete this.

Navigate to the Certificate management page to complete all the following steps.

Step 1. Generate CSR

If you already have a signed certificate and its corresponding private key in PEM or PFX format you should consult the article Uploading an existing Certificate and Private Key.

If you need to have the certificate signed by a Certification Authority then you need to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR). First locate the "Default SSL Certificate" entry in your certificates list. 

Then click on the edit icon to bring up the certificate information dialog.

Enter a value in all fields. Pay particular attention to the CN field this should be the hostname of your server and should include the FQDN of the host for which you are having the certificate signed.

Once complete, click Update.

Step 3. Download CSR

Now that you have updated your certificate you can download the Certificate Signing Request by clicking on the actions for the Default SSL Certificate entry.


Select the Download CSR option. You now have a CSR file that can be given to any Certification Authority. You will normally be asked for the CSR file during the checkout of your certificate purchase.

Step 3. Uploading your Certificate

Once your Certificate Authority has completed all checks you will be issued with a number of files. One will be a .crt file that contains your new certificate, and the other should be a certificate bundle that contains the Certificate Authorities certificates.

From the same action menu that you downloaded the CSR from, select the Upload Certificate option.


Select your new certificate files for upload in the dialog shown ensuring you upload both the Certificate file and the CA Bundle that contains your Certification Authorities certificates.

Click Upload certificate to complete the operation.

Step 4. Restart the Server

One the certificate has uploaded you should restart the server. Only after the server has been restarted will the new certificate be put into place. 


In this article we have generated a Certificate Signing Request that has been submitted to an external Certification Authority for validation. The Certification Authority then issued us with a certificate and CA bundle that we uploaded to complete the operation.

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