Installing Hypersocket VM OVA or OVF Packages

This articles shows you just how easy it is to install Hypersocket SSO using the prebuilt OVA or OVF files. Both files contain the same content but are packaged to cater for different environments.

Note: Network Interface change for VMW6 Virtual Machine releases

All VMW6 releases of the Virtual Machine packages are pre-configured to use NAT Network Interfaces instead of the previously used Bridged Interface. As a result in some environments you may need to change Network Interface back to Bridged for the Virtual Machine to be able to establish a valid network connection.


Step 1: Importing VM Image

Whether you're using VMWare ESXi or VirtualBox server or any other each will have its own unique way of importing a virtual appliance. In the example below I have used Virtualbox.


Simply choose your appropriate import option, locate the downloaded file and let your VM server do the rest.

Once installed simply start up the virtual machine.

Step 2: Setting the root User Password

The first time the virtual image starts up it will request a root password, this is used to access the VM Centre and conversly the underlying operating system, so a secure password must be used.

With the root account set VM Centre will start you will be presented with the VM centre login menu dialog, using your root account credentials defined earlier you can log into VM Centre.

VM Centre

VM Centre is a powerful system which allows you to manage the underlying operating system and services running. Not only can you access the system via a terminal interface but can monitor system resources, update system packages and configure network settings.

Step 3: Accessing Hyersocket Server

Having successfully logged into VM Centre you can locate your server url/ip under the Network chart.

Navigating to this URL/IP you will be presented with the Hypersocket server login page. To login for the first time use:

  • username: admin
  • password: admin

You will be required to set a new password for the admin accunt.

You have successfully setup Hypersocket server.


With the server fully operational you are now ready to begin configuring users, permissions, access rights as well as application resources for your users to one-click sign into. For examples of SSO in action take a look at the article titled, 'Setting up SSO Browser Reource'.



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