Hypersocket Client Installation on OSX


The Hypersocket client is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. This article will show you how to install the Mac version of the client.



All users who will be using Hypersocket can have the Hypersocket Client installed and this feature should be installed on the server (from Updates, Features & Licensing->Features->Client).


The Hypersocket Client is required to be able to use VPN features and it is optional for SSO or MFT features.

The client allows users to access resources that are available to their account in your Hypersocket products, as such it is recommended that some resources be configured for the user in order to verify the client is connecting.


Step 1 – Download the client

To get the client the user should first log on to the Hypersocket web interface, then click on the Downloads button in the top navbar. In the Downloads page that appears click the link for OSX.


Step 2 – Installing the client

Open the .dmg package that is downloaded and launch the Hypersocket Client Installer.


On the confirmation dialog, click Open.


Enter your OS X username and password and click OK to give the application permission to install.


The Setup Wizard begins. Click Next to start the wizard.


Accept the license agreement and click Next.


After accepting the license agreement the installer will prompt the selection of the installation location, this should select your Applications directory by default. Click Next.


Now enter the address of the Hypersocket product server that the client will be working with, the client does support multiple servers but only one server connection is configured during installation. Click Next to continue.


The client will now be installed and configured and once complete can be launched.


Step 3 – Launching the client

The Hypersocket client can be launched from the location that you installed it and will provide the following icon in the taskbar.

The Hypersocket client should appear at the top of the screen by default looking something like this.


Step 4 - Connecting to a Hypersocket server

Select the Connection option  and select the server that was entered during installation, provide your login details when prompted.

When the login completes  the client will be populated with resources from the server, you can launch these from the client.

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