Delegating a subset of admin permissions


This article will show you how you can delegate administrative functions to users, this allows you to spread admin responsibilities across other users. For example if you wish to allow some users the ability to create resources, or manager user accounts.


Step 1: Creating a new Role

Your users and their access rights will be bound through Roles. A role provides a set of Permissions to users and groups that belong to it. Go to Access Control > Roles.

Here you will see all of the roles that are present in your Realm, in this case the three default roles, we will create a new role specifically for our delegation. Select the Create option.


Step 2: Assigning user and groups

Roles will accept both users and groups, and any that you wish to assign to the role will be accepted. Give the role a name and begin assigning users and/or groups that you wish to have access to the permissions that will be set in this role.


Step 3: Assigning Permissions

Once the users/groups have been added go to the Permissions tab, on the left is a list of all available permissions in the Hypersocket product. Adding these to the right column will add those permissions to the role, in this case we’ve added the Session Read and Delete permissions along with User Creation, Update, and Read permissions.

Once you have assigned all the permissions select the Create option to complete the role creation process. The Role will be created and listed in the Roles section if you wish to make any changes later. Now log out of the server and let's try logging in with the user this role has been assigned to.


Step 4: Login with your user

After you have assigned a role the next time the user logs in they will be granted access to the areas you gave them permission for. In the image below the user has their standard rights and also the rights we assigned through the Helpdesk role.



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