What is the Browser Plugin for?

What is the Browser Plugin for?

The browser plugin makes it possible for Hypersocket SSO to carry out it's functions and provide the ability for login credentials to be provided to a website from the Hypersocket SSO server.


Installing the plugin

The Hypersocket SSO Web Browser Plugin can be added to your browser from the appropriate appstore. Follow the link below to the store page and follow the instructions.

  • Chrome - Select Add to Chrome and the plugin will be installed and can be configured by selecting the Hypersocket icon .
  • Firefox - Click on the link to install the latest version.
  • Internet Explorer - Coming Soon
  • Safari - Coming Soon


Configuring the Plugin

From the plugin menu select "Options", the plugin options screen will load. In here you can set the URL of the Hypersocket SSO server that the user connects to, enable/disable a login prompt when user attempt to use SSO and are not logged into SSO.


The Websites tab will list all the sites that the user has SSO configured for. These could be configured by the user themselves or by the administrator.


Using the Plugin

The plugin is used to control all browser based login actions handled by SSO, more information about these can be found in this article.

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