Multiple ways to launch a Browser Credential Resource


Each of the following methods that can launch Browser Credential resources requires the Hypersocket SSO Browser Plugin. This allows the users credentials to be passed to the website you are accessing directly from the server. Instructions for installing and using the plugin can be found in this article.


Desktop Client

The Desktop client allows users to launch SSO resources directly from their desktop. The client will add a bar to the desktop that looks like this.


This will allow you to filter the resources displayed and launch the resources of the Hypersocket server you are connected to. To connect to a server select the Connection button.

And set the URL of the Hypersocket SSO server and the user credentials that should be used to access the resources.

After the connection completes the connection icon will change to green to indicate that the connection is complete and the bar will populate with resources that the user has access to.

You can select a resource from the bar and Access Manager will connect to the page and use the web browser plugin to pass the credentials through to the website.


Web Browser Interface

To launch a Hypersocket SSO Resource from within the web interface simply login to SSO with your user account and go to the My Resources page, then select the Launch button  for the resource you wish to use.

Hypersocket will use the SSO details that you have configured for the resource and log your account in to the system. 


Direct URL

When the Hypersocket browser extension is installed and configured it is possible to go directly to the URL of the resource you wish to use and SSO will automatically forward the appropriate authentication details for the website.



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