What are Realms?

Each Hypersocket product allows you to define any number of Realms. Each realm contains a user database that exists as a completely separate entity to other realms. Realms do not interact, they provide multi-tenancy so that multiple different sets of users can have their own set of Resources.

The Realm Table


Host Based

Realms are host-based, that is you can attach a unique host name to the Realm so that users accessing the server through that host will only have access to that Realm. The users can be completely unaware of other Realms.

Access the Realm Hosts setting under the Options tab when Creating or Updating a Realm.


The System Realm

The only objection to that rule is the System realm. This is a realm that contains the System Administrator account. The System Administrator can enter, view and modify all other Realms. No other user in any other Realm is able to do this. In order to manage Realms you must login to the server as a user within the System Realm, with the System Administration Role.


The Default Realm

You can set any Realm to be the Default Realm. The Default Realm will be used whenever the system cannot determine a Realm through its host settings. Thus if you login to the server using a hostname that is not attached to any other Realm, you will be accessing and logging into the Default Realm.

By default the System Realm is the Default Realm.

Select the additional options icon to set the Default Realm. 


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