List of Tasks

The are a number of Tasks available depending upon the Hypersocket product you are using. These can be executed within Triggers, Automations or Workflow Resources. 

The common set of Tasks are:

Task Description
Monitor TCP Port Allows you to check that an external host is accessible on a given TCP port.
Block IP Address Block an IPv4, IPv6 address or group of addresses using CIDR notation.
Unblock IP Address Unblock a previously blocked address.
Shutdown Server Shutdown the server with optional delay period.
Restart Server Restart the server with optional delay period.
Suspend User Prevent a user from being able to access the server.
Resume User Remove any suspensions from a user so they can access the server.
Send Email Send an email.
Execute Command Execute a command on the local system.
Generate Alert Generate an alert event based on a set of thresholds.


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