List of System Events

Each Hypersocket product shares a common set of Events as well as defining its own. The following list is a guide to the available events.

Event Description
Server Starting The server is starting.
Server Started The server has started. 
Server Stopping The server is stopping.
Server Stopped The server has stopped.
Webapp Started The webapp has started.
Configuration Change A changed to a configuration item has been made.
Authentication A user attempted authentication.
Session Event Group for all Session events.
Session Opened A session has been opened.
Session Closed A session has been closed.
Attribute Event Group for all Attribute events. 
Attribute Created An Attribute has been created.
Attribute Updated An Attribute has been updated.
Attribute Deleted An Attribute has been deleted. 
Category Event Group for all Attribute Category events. 
Category Created An Attribute Category has been created. 
Category Updated An Attribute Category has been updated. 
Category Deleted An Attribute Category has been deleted. 
Principal Event Group for all User and Group events. 
User Event Group for all User events. 
User Created A User has been created. 
User Updated A User has been updated. 
User Deleted A User has been deleted. 
Group Event Group for all Group events. 
Group Created A Group has been created. 
Group Updated A Group has been updated. 
Group Deleted A Group has been deleted. 
Role Event Group for all Role events. 
Role Created A Role has been created. 
Role Updated A Role has been updated. 
Role Deleted A Role has been deleted. 
Realm Event Group for all Realm events.
Realm Created A Realm has been created. 
Realm Updated A Realm has been updated. 
Realm Deleted A Realm has been deleted. 
Password Changed A user changed their password. 
Set Password A user's password has been set. 
Profile Updated A user updated their profile information. 
Certificate Event Group for all Certificate events. 
Certificate Created A Certificate has been created. 
Certificate Updated A Certificate has been updated. 
Certificate Deleted A Certificate has been deleted. 
License Event Group for all License events. 
License Installed A License has been installed. 
License Updated A License has been updated. 
License Deleted A Licensed has been deleted. 
Extension Installed An Extension has been installed 
Updated Downloaded Extension updates have been downloaded. 
Trigger Event Group for all Trigger events. 
Trigger Created A Trigger has been created. 
Trigger Updated A Trigger has been updated. 
Trigger Deleted A Trigger has been deleted. 
Automation Event Group for all Automation events. 
Automation Created An Automation has been created. 
Automation Updated An Automation has been updated 
Automation Deleted An Automation has been deleted. 
Blocked IP Address Group for all Blocked IP events. 
Temporarily Blocked IP An IP address has been temporarily blocked from accessing the system. 
Permanently Blocked IP An IP address has been permanently blocked from accessing the system. 
Alert Group for all Alert events. Alerts are custom events created by the Generate Alert task.
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