How do I map a Windows Drive to the Hypersocket WebDAV server?

One of the commercially available extensions for Hypersocket is support for accessing File Resources over WebDAV. Using WebDAV you can use tools available directly in most operating systems to access your files, as if they were right there on your computer like other files.

Windows Vista and above allow you to map a WebDAV server to a drive letter on your computer.

First make sure the WebClient service is running on your Windows computer. To do this open up a command prompt as Administrator.

Then execute the command "net start WebClient"

Close the command terminal and open up again, this time without Administrative rights.

Execute the following command, replacing the <token> value with the necessary value. The drive value needs to be a drive letter A-Z followed by colon e.g. W:

NET USE <drive> https://<server>/hypersocket/fs <password> /USER:<username>

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